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Pink Elephant Decorum

I do not understand the fascination with relationships, especially as they exist today. Nor the unyielding and incautious search for a companion in a world filled with unending superficiality. I do not understand for lack of intelligence. Instead, I'm perplexed by my utter lack of tolerance for the infinite violations partners commit against Love, in the name of Love, to prove Love, to sustain Love, and to mechanize unconditional Love.

My inclination to know the heart of my lover is unyielding, no matter what inconvenient truths, such depths of understanding may unearth. For comprehension without objectivity is not real perception; it is but delusion brought forth and sustained by a misrepresentation of all facts. Where others take refuge in ignorance, willful or otherwise, I would writhe in a universe of perpetual unrest…

The turn of the century finds expectations of Love frequently disagreeing with the needs of individuality, leaving the meaning of true Love lost to mythology and Disney. Love is no longer an exploratory journey of the endless, intricate dimensions of the people who invite us to brave it. Rather, Love has diminished to opposing definitions, ones that vary greatly depending on who's asked. Thus, if you listen carefully, you will hear in someone's definition the cause(s) for their absence of joy and the conditions he hopes will end his desolation. Seldom do their requirements mention reciprocity...

Herein lies a profound dilemma: Since the complexities of an individual are so often inconsistent, rarely do they blend with the anticipations of Love. Desire and need, therefore, push and pull in a manner likened to the duality of a Pisces until the pursuit of Love is no longer distinguishable from the emotion or the act. The eventuality is that the laborious quest for Love becomes oddly comforting in itself, considering one cannot push without another to pull. "At least I'm not alone," the subconscious whispers and thus placates... to the detriment of the "happy-ever-after" eagerly awaited as children.

Yet warring between the mind and heart erupts when pressured to adopt a criterion that fulfills Love's new-age definitions. Because even if the insistence on conforming compels one to give-in, the ego endures. And unremitting is our first psychological defense against the suppression of our real selves. I've personally experienced that the trueness of one's nature will always need to come up for air, despite the sincerest efforts to disprove this fact for the sake of Love. Personal desire persists despite surface appearance, no matter the magnitude of affection we feel for whoever holds the conflicting expectation. We will always rage against being imprisoned by the bars of conformism, meekly or otherwise.

When we resist the pull to individualism to appease others, bridges made of lies are habitually constructed as a means to cope. They’re used to travel between the realms of where one wants to be, and where one feels obligated to stay. But one cannot trek between worlds, perpetrating as a true native of both destinations without bringing back some trace of where one has been. Those traces reveal evidence of violated allegiance, which in any capacity, requires unadulterated commitment. If that allegiance is violated, evidence of such is easily detected by an awakened third eye, or even by basic intuition.

Alas, this evidence is often refuted by conscious denial or ousted by fear of what truths, confrontation may unearth. Consequently, the meaning of a romantic commitment has been demeaned, violated, and skewed into a new meaning. Its rationale is only sensible to those in the clutches of desperation, trepidation, or sheer will. The decrees that once made commitment exclusive and sacred are habitually and unashamedly broken, for spiritual and other fundamental ties no longer bind them.

Today, commitment means whatever it must. Every form of manipulation from babies conceived by accident—on purpose, to guilt projection, denial, and emotional blackmail, predicate and sustain even those who are most unequally yoked. Neither chemistry nor commonality, (excepting the shared fear of loneliness), amorously binds two individuals.

Idealism surrounding Love and romance is terribly skewed. All forms of covert and overt deception are generally accepted. And the notion that forgiveness of the unforgivable is a testament to true Love is contextually erroneous.

Acceptance of this behavior has adversely fostered and encouraged duplicitous behavior. The moral standards of honesty have deteriorated to the extent that strangers expect to be deceived. Pink elephants have become a part of life's etiquette, the acceptance of which has turned daily routines into an intricate masquerade ball...

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