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Message in a bottle...

Sometimes your energy is just too powerful.

And if your conversation is too real, it cuts through their facades like a wrecking ball to a building though this isn't always readily apparent. takes discover who people really are.

At some point they inevitably start behaving peculiarly for very specific and personal reasons they try to keep hidden. Their envy for who you are, for instance, comes to the surface and resentment toward your realness too. You begin to detect their unwarranted and irrational hostility even its subtlest forms.

Secretly, your authenticity and the way others love you makes them feel inadequate and they take their frustrations out on you. Perhaps a backwards compliment, or a feeble attempt to make you feel unintelligent. Whatever their tactic, you are especially acute because of how you begin to feel when you're around them. Or talking to them. Simply put, their energy is attacking yours...

Jealousy isn't far behind at this point. Eventually their masks slide off and their struggles with low self esteem, and high insecurities are revealed. They're angry about losing the secret competition into which they entered you, and are losing. You begin to better interpret the psychic evidence they inadvertently dropped like breadcrumbs to the truth about themselves.

You understand gaslighting and projection are the reasons why your last few conversations went "left" unnecessarily. You come to the painful realization that it would never matter how loving, forbearing, considerate, generous, or respectfully you've treated them; one genuine gesture alone, or all together would never be enough to fill the gaping void that is their relentless need to beat you or be better than you. Nor would they remedy their ever nagging insecurities about which they are reminded as they watch YOU shine.

They observe how you do you effortlessly, and without having to think too much because realness means never having to edit your personality according to who's around. You're unburdened, sure of yourself, and genuinely happy. But, because their misery loves company, you offend them even more for not fitting the criteria to just... be around them.

You're... the belle of the ball wherever you go, and equally unapologetic for your gifts and imperfections. They watch you and they admire that you embody all that they wish they were. But each time they are reminded they aren't, they tussle with feelings of hate. Hating you for the same reasons they love you. Loving you for the same reasons they hate you. Wow. Can you imagine being so enamored or obsessed with another's individuality that you forget your own?

The fall out is such that a person you thought was cool and even of like-mind has now become someone of your past. Most of the time, you simply get fed up or tire of their bipolar-like moods or offenses. They've left you no choice but to tell 'em to get lost in colorful ways. Other times, they slither away without explanation or warning which is befitting their personality as they are, after all, cowards.

You don't trip though. Your Buddhist teachings taught you to flow not force. Thus, it's easy to let go of people. Of places. Of things. When the universe speaks to you, you recognize its indicators and easily interpret a language to which others are oblivious or find foreign.

So, you wish your energy vampires, stalkers, fake friends, and other toxic entities well...from afar. Additionally, in effort to protect yourself, you make it perfectly clear you dont fuck wit em no more and harbor no I'll feelings because that shit is weighty. You're vibrating at such a high frequency that you can't afford to be bogged down with some bullshit, especially trash that isn't even your own.



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